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Press Release on extending assistance to Indian nationals in Sihanoukville

Embassy of India
Phnom Penh

Press Release

    The Embassy of India, Phnom Penh is in touch with several Indian nationals who have reached out to us, and who have been subsequently evacuated by Cambodian authorities from a place called Jinbei-4 on 20th May 2024.

2. The matter has been taken up with the Cambodian authorities at the highest level for immediate repatriation of these Indian nationals.

3. Cambodian authorities have informed us that around 60 Indian nationals have been sent from SHV to Phnom Penh today so that they can be sent back to India with Embassy’s assistance for travel documents, etc.

4. The Embassy is in constant touch with the Cambodian authorities and necessary assistance and guidance are being provided to these Indian nationals on their way back to India.

5. A team of Embassy Officials are already in Sihanoukville for extending necessary assistance to these Indian nationals. Any other Indian nationals facing difficulties and wishing to return to India may get in touch with the Embassy on Emergency Contact No. +855 92881676 and email: cons.phnompenh@mea.gov.in or visa.phnompenh@mea.gov.in. The Mission has also set up a temporary Control Room at Sihanoukville for three days (21-23 May 2024), the same may be reached through Phone No.+855 10642777.

6. The Embassy has been issuing several Advisories to alert Indians seeking jobs in Cambodia cautioning them not to fall prey to unauthorized agents. Indian nationals have been cautioned to not indulge in practices contrary to the purpose for which the Visa is granted by the host government such as seeking employment on a “Tourist Visa”. They have also been advised to not undertake illegal cyber crimes and reach out to the Embassy and Cambodian hotline numbers.

7. The Government of India and Embassy of India remains committed to extending all possible help to Indian nationals who are trapped in scam centres through unscrupulous elements. As of now, over 360 Indian nationals have been rescued / repatriated to India through Mission’s intervention.