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4th Edition of CAPINDIA-2019 [26-28 March, 2019]


4th Edition of CAP INDIA - 2019

[26th - 28th March, 2019, Mumbai, India]

Chemexcil, Plexconcil, Capexil and Shefexil, under the aegis of the Department of Commerce, Government of India, will jointly organize 4th Edition of CAPINDIA -2019 from 26th– 28th March, 2019 in Mumbai. CAPINDIA is one of the largest and unique networking events in the Chemicals & Plastics Sector. Three days of exhibition in Mumbai is expected to host 700 exhibitors covering manufacturers/exporters showcasing a range of industrial and agricultural inputs, consumer items, packaging items, plastics processing machinery, construction raw material, 5000 business visitors including merchant exporters, over 400 overseas buyers and state participation. Event will provide excellent opportunities for partnership, building strategic alliances and tapping the immense opportunities in India for both sourcing and supply, investment, technology transfers and collaborations etc. CAPINDIA will cover:

Industrial & Agricultural Inputs - Basic Chemicals including Organic, Inorganic, Agrochemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Dyes and Dyestuff, Pigments, Polymers, Printing inks, Glues, Varnishes, etc.

Packaging Items - a range of flexible and rigid packaging products in Plastics, Paper, Paper board products etc.

Consumer Items – Housewares, Writing instruments & Books, Publications, Journals, Periodicals, Stationery, Cosmetics, Toileteries, Essential Oils, Flavors Perfumes etc.

Rubber Tyre & Tube Products – Automobile Rubber Parts, Conveyor belts, Tyres and Tubes, Gloves, Gaskets, Tapes, Hoses, Hot Water bottles, Ice bags, Reclaimed rubber etc.

Plastic Processing Machinery – Injection and blow mould machines, Extruders and moulds and dies

Plastic raw material and finished goods

Construction Products – cement, clinkers and asbestos Cement products, Paints, Coating, Printing ink and allied products, Granite, Natural Stones, Marble products, Ceramic and Sanitary wares, Plywood furniture and wood products, glass and glassware

Mineral Products – Aluminium Ingot, Bauxite, Chrome Ores, Coal, Copper ores, Gold and Silver ores, Iron Ores, Manganese, Salt, Zinc, Bentonite Feldspar Garnet, Ilmenite, iron

Other Allied Products – Graphite electrodes, Detonator, Safety fuse, Activated Carbon, Fireworks, Fertilizers and Safety Matches.

Buyer – Seller -Meet at CAPINDIA 2019

Buyer Seller Meet will be organized during CAPINIDIA 2019 that will help bring together the foreign buyers and manufacturers and exporters of above mentioned items under one roof. Major important manufacturers/Importers/Distributors and Traders of above products in Cambodia are invited to participate in the event by registering online at www.capindiaexpo.com. Selected delegates will be provided to and fro air fare from Phnom Penh to Mumbai and Back as well complete local hospitality such as local transport, hotel accommodation, working lunch etc. Further details are also available on CAPINDIA website. For further communication, interested persons may contact Ms. Sujata Jadahv, Assistant Director at Email: sujata.proj@chemexcil.gov.in Or Tel.: + 91 22 22021288 / 22021330. Alternatively, Mr. Adarsh K Mishra, Second Secretary (Commerce), Embassy of India, Phnom Penh may be contacted at Email: trade.phnompenh@mea.gov.in or Tel.: 023 210 912 /913.