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Capacity Building Onsite Training programs for Engineers & Admin staff on Self Finance Basis

National Institute of Secretariat Training & Development (NISTD) (Established by Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Labour Department). NISTD serves as a autonomous body for different sectors of the Indian industry. The primary objective of NISTD is to provide training to officers belonging to the Central/State Government Service, as well as officers from other organized/subsidiary services that operate within the State and Central Government. This training aims to enhance the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of these officers, enabling them to perform their duties more effectively and efficiently. In essence, NISTD plays a crucial role in the professional development of government officers, contributing to the overall improvement of administrative services within the central and state government.

Capacity Building for better cities is the effort to strengthen and improve the abilities of personnel and organizations to be able to perform their tasks in a more effective, efficient and sustainable manner. It needs to be appreciated that capacity building is a long term and ongoing effort which needs to be institutionalized in the planning and implementation process starting from the ULB to state to the central level programs. Capacity Building needs to be a continuous and ongoing initiative whose aim is to improve and facilitate the skill sets and processes involving human and other perceivable inputs. There is a need to calibrate and benchmark continuously against measurable indicators over a period of time in order to make course corrections to achieve the desired results. The objective of the Capacity Building programme as emphasized are:

  • Professionalizing urban management through creation of a municipal cadre, city managers who can manage and govern cities especially in urban planning, E-governance / IT, municipal infrastructure and service delivery.
  • Enhancing capacities/supply side/agencies to provide state of the art skills and resources to meet required demands of city managers and associated agencies thereby enhancing their capacities to improve city management, governance reforms, municipal infrastructure and service delivery.
  • Institutionalize the use of appropriate tools and processes to enable better planning and implementation of municipal infrastructure, service delivery and governance reforms.

For more details, please contact the National Institute of Secretariat Training & Development, Plot No B-11C, Inderprastha, NCR New Delhi, Ghaziabad-201102, India
Ph. +91-120-2682107, 2682110, 2682111, Fax No:-+91-120-2682109, WhatsAppNo+91-9811094923, Email:-info@nistd.in, infonistd@gmail.com, Website:-www.nistd.in.