Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation Programme (ITEC) Education

Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation Programme (ITEC)

The Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) programme was launched on 15th September, 1964 as a bilateral programme of assistance of the Government of India. It is the flagship programme of the Indian Government's technical cooperation effort, not only because of its wide geographical coverage but also for innovative forms of technical cooperation. Being essentially bilateral in nature, ITEC is about cooperation and partnership for mutual benefit. It is demand-driven and response-oriented. It is focused on addressing the needs of developing countries.

ITEC is a unique programme under which the Government of India helps in imparting training under various fields as diverse as building schools in Maldives, restoration of Angkor Wat in Cambodia to farming techniques to farmers from Burkina Faso. In Cambodia, currently the Archeological Survey of India is engaged in the restoration of Ta Prohm Temple in Siem Reap under ITEC Programme.

Under the ITEC programme of Ministry of External Affairs, over 1500 Cambodian nationals have been trained from 1981 onwards. The range of courses includes English, Computer Applications, Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Rural Development, Agro Industries, Labour Administration, Audit, Finance, Banking etc. 150 civilian training slots have been allotted to Cambodia in 2018-19. Under Defence-ITEC courses, 9 slots for Army courses, three slot for Air Force and two for Navy have been allotted to Cambodia in 2018-19. For application under ITEC course, please contact: Mr. Adarsh Kumar Mishra, Second Secretary (Education & Culture), Tel.: +855 23 210912/913; Email:

For more details about ITEC Programme and making online application, please visit ITEC website